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Thank You!

The Centre County Farmland Trust thanks supporters of farmland preservation for your generous support.

Thank you to the 82 unique donors of the Centre Gives, 36-hour online giving event, May 10-11, 2022. CCFT raised more than $7,000.

Also in May, the Trust was awarded a grant from the Hamer Foundation.

Thank you to the Hamer Foundation for their generous investment in a three-year capacity-building grant to help with the CCFT’s need for professional and administrative expertise.

In celebration and appreciation for this tremendous support for farmland preservation — plus Lynn Miller’s gift and David Litke’s easement donation — CCFT is hosting an appreciation event at 814 Cider Works on June 21 for donors, landowners and partners.

Because of your support, we can preserve land. We can’t wait to thank and celebrate the Gift of Good Land with many from our CCFT community.


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