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Land Protection

Why Preserve Land?

Each family has different reasons for choosing to preserve their land. For many, it is about making sure that the land remains open and available for agricultural use whether the land remains in the family or not. Often, farm families have been on their land for generations, and they wish to honor their heritage and see farming continue as a way of life in Central Pennsylvania. They know that agriculture is an important part of Pennsylvania's economy, and that without local farms, there can be no local food.

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About Agricultural Conservation Easements | Tax Incentives for Farmland Conservation

Preserving land can have important financial benefits, and may reduce federal income and estate tax or make it easier for the next generation to take ownership of the land.


Where We Work

We are honored to work with farm families in and around Centre County, Pennsylvania. Our region is home to prime agricultural soils and the beautiful farm landscape draws many to the area - our farmland is a precious resource worthy of protection.


Envision the Future of Your Land

Do you wonder about the future of your land? What will your legacy be? Will your land be sold? Subdivided? Developed? You can protect your land for future generations, ensuring that it will remain a part of our cherished agricultural landscape forever.


Protecting your land with an Agricultural Conservation Easement can help. With an easement, you remain the owner of your land, which can be leased, sold, or passed on to family. The land remains on the tax rolls and public access is not required. Your easement can be tailored to suit your unique wishes. Please contact us to learn more and discuss your easement options.


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