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Five More Reasons to Protect Farmland

1. Farmland Provides Food Security

Locally grown food is better protected from global trends and crises. 

2. Working Farms Support the Local Economy 

For every 1,000 full-time jobs in on-farm production, there are an average 668 jobs in industries that supply or assist farms.

3. AgriTourism Benefits the Local Economy

AgriTourism offers visitors to the Centre County region unique experiences in beautiful settings. 

4. Farmland Provides Ecosystem Benefits

Ecosystem benefits include services like water regulation, soil retention and pollination.

A 2014 study in Lancaster County found that lands used for agricultural purposes provide an annual flow of $483 million in ecosystem service benefits (in addition to $1.2 billion in total economic production and $580 million in tourism-associated revenue.) 

Farmland is more effective than commercial and residential development in supporting these ecosystems.

5. Working Farms Preserve Centre County's Rich Ag Heritage and Knowledge

Farmers are tremendous teachers, passing along a wealth of valuable skills and advice. 

Between 1982 to 2012, Pennsylvania lost 706,000 acres of farmland and the country lost 24 million acres.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

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