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CCFT 2013 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Centre County Farmland Trust took place on January 14, 2014, at the Happy Valley Winery, 576 S. Foxpointe Drive, State College, PA.

The evening started with a wine tasting event of seven selected wines. The Annual Meeting was called to order by CCFT President Pete Schempf. Three of our Interim Board members, Dane Hooper, William Heald, and Richard Button were elected by the CCFT members to serve full terms on the board.

Pete Schempf then presented CCFT plaques to former CCFT board members and other volunteers who have aided the Trust in the past few years. Volunteer awards were given to the Harris Township Lions Club, the Boalsburg Fire Police, and Tait Farms for their help in the Trust's Summer Solstice events.

Former CCFT Board Members Lynn Miller, Bill Keough, Bob Eberhart, Brian Burger, Herb Cole, Roland Leach, Lynda Powell, Bill Beck, Larry Harpster, Bob Anderson, and Anna Peters were given plaques in appreciation of their service to the Trust.

CCFT plaques were also given to Larry Hutchinson and Norm Lathbury for their service to the Trust.

Carla Snyder, from Penn State Extention, gave a presentation to the group on Marketing Farm Products and their relationship to land preservation.

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