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We preserve and protect farmland and open land in central Pennsylvania.

The Centre County Farmland Trust was founded in 1994 as a public, non-profit land trust dedicated to protecting farmland and open space in Central Pennsylvania.

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Trustee Linda Friend writes of appreciating the joys and challenges of working the fields.

Preserving farmland (like the Cole Farm, pictured) takes many helping hands and boots on the ground. Click below to read her post.

Join us! Donate to the Centre County Farmland Trust May 8-9, during Centre Gives

For decades, Joseph Griffin (left, top) believed he would

retire to his cherished boyhood home and live

in the little log house on 14 acres of sloping field

and forest next to the Treaster Kettle CCC Camp and a

mile from Colyer Lake in Potter Township.

Instead, in 2015, he chose a different peace of mind

for his land.

Griffin donated an agricultural conservation easement

to the Centre County Farmland Trust and sold

the land to a young family (right, bottom) who share his land

conservation ethic.


Jack Ray and Sarah Decker carved out a farm life

and vision to produce a harvest in harmony with the

land and forest.

Read their story in our winter 2024 newsletter.

Join us to help preserve land! DONATE online here.

Preserving farmland and open space benefits everyone by helping to secure clean water and safeguarding our food supply.

Healthy soils help us adapt to a changing climate. Farmland and open space are simply beautiful. 

Join us to help preserve land! For our winter appeal message, and a printable donation form to mail a check, click here.


New logo features field and stream, ridge & valley

Read about our new logo and new website in the works, all to better connect with donors & serve our farmland preservation mission  


Building Strength: 2023 in Review

Building organizational capacity to preserve and conserve farmland

was the top priority for the 2023 work of the Centre County Farmland Trust.

“We have made good progress this year in strengthening the organization and improving CCFT’s financial position,” says CCFT President Dan Guss.


• Boosting stewardship of CCFT’s 17 conservation easements, via a partnership with ClearWater Conservancy. Trustees Guss, Dave Litke and

Bob Potter are pictured left, visiting CCFT-preserved land.

• A thorough review of CCFT finances and investments.

• A technology systems project to build a new website integrated with a donor database and document archive.

The year ahead marks 20 years since the first conservation easement was established through CCFT (on the Hodge Farm, see below). 


“We’re just beginning.” says Guss.

Land preservation benefits everyone! Join us to help preserve land!

DONATE here!

Artists Showcase Farmland Preservation at State Capitol

Calling attention to the need to preserve farmland, representatives of the Centre County Farmland Trust, the Farmland Preservation Artists of Central Pennsylvania, lawmakers and state officials gathered Oct. 4 for a press conference in the main hall of the Capitol Rotunda at the Statehouse in Harrisburg.


“It is my hope that this exhibit will represent the fertile valleys and wooded ridges that are so characteristic of central Pennsylvania,” said Martha Grout Taylor, member of FPA and liaison from FPA to the Farmland Trust. “By showcasing the beauty of our agricultural heritage, I hope that government officials will recognize the need to preserve that heritage." Read the story.

Two years ago, an owner of the preserved Hodge Farm in Spring Mills approached the Centre County Farmland Trust with a dilemma: He had a huge, historic barn in need of costly repairs and a good offer from a reclaimed barn wood company to demolish it. The reclaimer said he intended to sell the wood to build a luxury home in Colorado. 


CCFT’s Board of Trustees decided to help in this special case.  While the Trust preserves farmland and not barns, the Hodge conservation easement — in 2004 the Trust’s first — is the only one that includes a barn. The late Hugh and Barbara Hodge (pictured above) were teachers who loved the land and donated a conservation easement on 150 acres and their historic barn.


The barn is an architectural gem. It's pictured above (top, right) showing its double banks and need for repair in September 2021, and (above, left) in May 2023 during roof repairs. Often photographed and represented in art, it was awarded a 2004 Historic Preservation award by the Centre County Historical Society.   

“There’s no other barn like it in Centre County and probably in the state of Pennsylvania,” says Trustee Catherine Smith, who championed the project to help Samuel and Esther Stolzfus, current owners,  to save the barn and avoid selling it off as reclaimed barn wood.

Read the story in the CCFT summer 2023 newsletter.

Lynn Miller Bequeaths Major Gift for Farmland Preservation

Lynn Miller, the late, distinguished landscape architect, professor and co-founder of the Centre County Farmland Trust, bequeathed a generous gift of $128,700 to the Trust to advance its land preservation mission.
 Read the story.

Read our summer 2022 newsletter.

Donor Preserves 55 Acres

Easement Marks Trust’s 17th

David Litke, 75, is donating a conservation easement on the land to the Centre County Farmland Trust. The easement will stay with the land, so that the land will remain open and undeveloped in perpetuity. This kind of easement reduces the commercial sales value of the land and represents a landowner’s valuable donation to the public through the Trust.

The property off Blanchard Street is on track to become the 17th property preserved through a donated farmland conservation easement with the Trust. The Trust pays the costs of securing the easement, and then will hold, steward and enforce the easement into the future. Read more.

Farm Routes are HERE!

In 2020, our local farmers, farmers markets and entire local food and drink system adapted quickly to the new realities of the COVID-19 pandemic.

So did the Centre County Farmland Trust, as hosts of the annual Centre County Farm Tour, when a dozen farms are open to big groups of people for tours on a single day.

Instead, we created paper and digital Farm Routes map-guides linking farmers markets, preserved farms, farm stands, cideries and wineries along our beautiful country corridors.


Use our guides anytime to plan your own tours. Enjoy a wonderful day of exploring!


Watch for updates in summer, 2024! 

Learn more about 
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