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12 Ways To Help Preserve Farmland 

(Short version: Get out & Visit the Stops on Farm Routes — and talk up Farm Routes to all your friends any way you can!)


The “scenic” route:


1. Enjoy this delicious, farm-filled life in Centre County. 


How lucky are we to live surrounded by these beautiful views of farmland?


The freshest, best milk and ice cream are just a start. Strawberries bursting with flavor. Crisp apples.


Handsome barns, rich fields, meadows, ridges, country roads, sunflowers, pumpkins, hay — it’s all gorgeous, glorious and right HERE.


2. Shop at farmers markets, farm-stands, and farm-to-table restaurants.

Our local farmers and operators stepped up in a big way especially in spring 2020 to safely provide beautiful, wholesome food and farm products.


When we support the local food system, we support local farmers and help conserve farmland.


Let’s show them some #CentreCountyFarmLove.


Farm Routes are map-guides to farm-stores, preserved farms, farmers markets, agritourism, wineries and farm-to-table restaurants. A super-delicious way to explore.

Route 1, the Round Barn Route, features 16 stops primarily along Rt. 45 from Centre Hall to Pine Grove Mills.

Route 2, the Town & Country Route, features 14 stops and loops through and around State College along Rts. 550 and 26.

Route 3, the Ridges & Valleys Route, features 18 stops from Bellefonte to Hublersburg, Millheim and Aaronsburg.

3. Wait — You’re already shopping at farmers markets!? Get some points for that!


Earn points toward chances to win prizes from the Farm Routes Market Basket. 


Here’s how it works: Download TASSL from the App Store. Join the network “Centre County Farmland Trust.”


Use the “STOPS” for route info, click "ONGOING" then check-in at each stop to rack up CARROTS, aka points. The TASSL mobile app is a Centre County Farmland Trust partner. 


4. Buy artwork from an artist-member of Farmland Preservation Artists of Central PA, our partner org. 

These folks have been so generous at letting us use their artwork in our Farm Routes map-guides and marketing. Thank you FPA! 

The Field, stop #13 on Route 2, is a permanent gallery for our partner the Farmland Preservation Artists of Central Pennsylvania, which donates 6 percent of any sale here to the Centre County Farmland Trust.

You'll find delicious, local food and decor that's just as delicious at The Field!


(See #11 for how to WEAR artwork from FPA artist Cinda Kostyak.)


5. Talk up Farm Routes.

Look for maps at your favorite stops on the route. Please let them know how much we appreciate local food, local farmers, sellers of local food from markets to distributors to chefs. Share the #centrecountyfarmlove 


(And if anyone needs maps, please let us know!


6. Tell your friends.

We’re really excited about Farm Routes, and hope you are, too. Please recommend it to your friends. Then they’ll tell someone — and so on.

We’re thrilled to report that talking to each other, real-time, voice-to-voice still matters. In fact, it’s more powerful than ever!


7. In fact — How about a Farm Routes date with friends?

Catch-up with the girls or enjoy a double-date with friends with wine, a picnic — and stunning views of our beautiful farmland.


May we recommend Nittany Vineyard & Winery from the Round Barn Route and Happy Valley Vineyard & Winery from the Town & Country Route.


Let's get out there and enjoy beautiful weather — together again!

8. Share, share, share, follow, like. (Then please share some more.)

Every “like,” comment and share helps the Trust grow its audience and support for farmland preservation. Every little click adds up to “engagement” in the world of social media. The more engagement, the more people we reach.

So it might seem like a small thing to simply "like" a post on Facebook — but it matters!


Follow @centrecountyfarmlandtrust on Instagram and Facebook.


No time for Facebook?! We get it. And we bet you know someone who’s practically living on social media, right? If you can get that person excited about Farm Routes — wow, that’s gold.


9. Share this page. Please forward to 5-10 people. Thank you.

10. Take pretty pictures of farmland, and farm products.


On your drive. On your Farm Routes adventure. While you’re enjoying and using local food and farm products in your day-to-day life. It’s all good!


If your pictures include people and Farm Routes maps, even better! We’d LOVE to see them.


Share them on Instagram and Facebook using the tag @centrecountyfarmlandtrust and hashtag #centrecountyfarmlove.


11. Become a Rouster!

Volunteer to help out on Farm Routes and receive a free T-shirt. 

Thanks for having fun and helping out on Farm Routes! We think you’re doing something pretty awesome for our community. Thank you!

12. Our Farm Routes t-shirt shop is closed for now. But if you're interested in a t-shirt, let us know!

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