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Farming in Centre County

Defining our way of life • Keeping our economy vital
The Centre County Farmland Trust recognizes that our farm heritage enriches the lives of all Centre County residents.  Our community and region have been blessed with rich productive farmland that is historically abundant right here in Central Pennsylvania. This land has defined our legacy, supported our values, and reinforced our quality of life, while forming the foundation of Centre County's #1 business - agriculture.
Potter farm with cows photo.Pennsylvania is a farming state. 

  • There are 1,215 farms in Centre County on 163,000 acres.
  • Centre County farms sell agricultural products valued at over $69 million (with 46% from dairy) on average
  • The average Centre County farm sells approximately $60,000 in products annually. 

But farmland also provides the county with other life giving assets that are often taken for granted. 

Farmland in Centre County:

  • Allows for groundwater recharge, assuring a stable supply of drinking water in Centre County
  • Provides habitats and corridors for fish and wildlife
  • Conserves Centre County’s rich fertile soils- a precious agricultural resource
  • Preserves our educational and cultural institutions that bear ties to our agrarian roots.  As farmland is permanently lost, so are many of our traditions, lifestyles and values that have defined Centre Countians for generations.
  • Produces a constant supply of fresh local produce, meat and dairy products of unparalleled quality.  We all need to eat!

Together, these assets are important to our perception of the high quality of life here in Centre County.

Farmland Preservation is at a critical juncture

Centre County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state, making its farmland an increasingly endangered critical resource. In order to uphold our thriving agricultural economy and the beautiful landscape that it affords us all, support of farmers and their farmland is essential.

We must act now to save our remaining Centre County farmland from a similar fate.
Once farmland is lost, it is lost forever!

Painting by Kim Gates Flick

Painting by Kim Gates Flick


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